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Saturday, April 17, 2021

PT. Prasasti Karya Sentosa

We're a Trading Company which specialized in Supplying Personal Protective Equipments in Jakarta - Indonesia. We've served and maintained good coorporation with many local supplier and Company in Indonesia such as in Pekanbaru, Palembang, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Makassar, Pontianak,etc. Prakarsa SAFETY carries a complete range of personal as well as industrial safety products. more

   Personal Protective Equipment

Eye Face Protection
First Aid and Skin Care Products
Foot Protection
Hand Protection
Hearing Protection
Miscellaneous items
  Fall Protection
Hazardous and Emergencies Products
Head Protection
Protective Clothing
Respiratory Protection

11/21/2010 | Office relocation
Starting from 19 November 2010 We're Moving to our new Office at : Jl.  Daan Mogot Raya No. 20D Jakarta Ph.  :  021 - 5669611 (hunting) , 5645668 Fax :  021 - 5660163

 Product - Hand Protection

Hand Protection

 There are 7 product/s found

Desc       : GLOVEPRO PREMIUM HANDGLOVES Ask for quotation
 Qty :
Brand : MASKR
2 :: Argon Glove

Desc       : Argon Leather Glove Ask for quotation
 Qty :
Brand : Local
3 :: PVC Gloves

Desc       : PVC Gloves Ask for quotation
 Qty :
Brand : Local
4 :: Grey Leather Glove

Desc       : WorkSAFE Leather Glove Ask for quotation
 Qty :
Brand : WorkSAFE
5 :: Semi Leather Glove

Desc       : Semi Leather Gloves Ask for quotation
 Qty :
Brand : Local

Desc       : SOLVEX Chemical resistant Glove. Brand AnsellEdmont ex USA Ask for quotation
 Qty :
Brand : ANSELL
7 :: Blue Eagle Aluminized Glove

Desc       : Blue Eagle Aluminized Glove AL143, AL145, AL163, AL165 Ask for quotation
 Qty :
Brand : BlueEagle




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